Three Horses


Howdy, if yer looking to ride a horse in the Wild West, the home of the cowboys, you have come to the Best. This 1 hour or 1.5 hour tour is perfect for nervous first timers, beginners and families with children ages 5+. Experienced riders and horsemen also find this tour worth taking but if yer looking for a more thrilling ride we would highly recommend our

Let's Ride 

Come ride with us at Wild Western Horseback Adventures In Camp Verde, AZ. Only 30 minutes from Sedona. Perfect for nervous first timers, families, and children ages 5+. Enjoy 70 mile panoramic views of the Verde Valley, and as far as the San Fransico Peaks in Flagstaff. Enjoy a 1hr or a 1.5 hour guided horseback tour with us. Come and experience a world of forgotten ways and lost traditions, inspired by the Old West. Wild Western Horseback Adventures rekindles the cowboy way as you ride through some of the original texas longhorns and their babies giving you that real cowboy experience. 


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Wine Farm

Ride With

us at Alcantara Vineyard

Ride in the vines with us at Alcantara Adventures. 30 minutes from Sedona. This ride features a river crossing, ancient Indian ruin sightings, and riding in the vines.  To learn more about this adventure or to book